About Marjan van Zeyl




I was born in Amsterdam on the first of May. A couple of years later I moved to the neighbourhood of Utrecht. At Sunday we made often a bicycle trip that usualy ended in the beautiful garden of an intimate and stately lady, being a real baroness. She treated us on tea with currentbread that was shortly after the war a real treatment!
That garden was surrounded by her private wood, so I could walk just in it by passing a small gate. In a moment I stood quiet and completely alone between huge and thick beechtrees, bewitched by my own experience.
High above there was the blue sky hidden behind the spring-green roof of foliage. The sun was twinkling and a band of light shined on thousands of lilies of the valley.
Astonished I enjoyed all that loveliness of those charming little bells, given in a generosity of beauty by the gentle hand of a divine nature.
That was the moment I experienced for the first time in my life myself in a very conscious way: 'Here I may be and what is the world beautiful'. I was three years old in the month of May.
I have always kept this memory as a gentle and calm source that I may experience and present its light, colour and beauty full of gratitude.

PLATO: Beauty is love that becomes visible.