Welcom to Stardylia

As long as I remember, I have seen my mother Marjan van Zeyl, making the most beautiful creations. These ranged from small sketches in charcoal, colored pencil, mysterious watercolors, large expressive oil paintings, and lovely small paintings. As a child I enjoyed the origin of all that beauty. It gave my childhood shape and uptill now my live is full of an inspiring beauty.


Now, as an adult I can look back with pleasure to my childhood with all these beautiful images that my mother has created of. From some of these, and also a lot of new images, mostly inspired by what surrounds her, Marjan van Zeyl has printed postcards. In this way she let everyone enjoy the richness of her experiences. For example, the images of her children and grandchildren playing, the long journeys to far and foreign cultures she made, and especially her experience of the nature around. The work of Marjan van Zeyl is particularly attractive because of the recognition that everyone, from small child to the adult and elder people, so much appeals to a sensible imagination.


Meeting people who really love the beautiful postcards of Marjan van Zeyl, they ask me where they can buy these postcards, usually there is no store in their neighbourhood. That was the reason for me to start a business, named "STARDYLIA" and in fact an online webshop. Herein, all postcards, posters and books by Marjan van Zeyl may be found. At STARDYLIA you can also find cardstandards and beautyful wooden frames. So the cards and posters can be framed, or you can use the cards to decorate a seasonal table to give it a special atmosphere. Isn't it, after all, really nice to show your sympathy by sending one of those wonderful postcards to your family or friendsl? To make someone happy, is so easy!


Be welcome at STARDYLIA! 


Nathalie van Zeyl



Please note:

Because of copyrights the images on this site have a watermark. Obviously this is not really on the postcards and posters.