The Apple Cake

Artikelnummer ISBN: 978-086315-228-3
Type Picture book


€14,50 (incl BTW).



An old lady fancy an apple cake, but she only has plums. She decide to go with a basket full of delicious plums, on the road, because she thought, it may well happen that I'll be somewhere where apples are indeed. Soon She comes across someone who wants to have her plumes and want to change with her, but has no apples. "Oh, I say so, 'said the old lady, "better one man satisfied than two people disappointed." And so the adventure of the old lady who eventually by exchanging each time, managed to get some apples. After a long day she comes home, just early enough to bake a delicious apple cake for dinner


Author: Nienke van Hichtum / illustrations: Marjan van Zeyl

Picture book, bound, 24 pages / Publisher Christofoor, NL


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